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“Experience the finest health supplement available today”

Simply Naturals is a 100% British company that is committed to educating the world about the significance of plant derived minerals for optimum health, rather than taking metallic based, chelated tablets that are mass produced in a laboratory and are not easily processed within the body – most minerals in tablet form only release 20% of the content stated on the bottle.

These days eating your ‘five a day’ isn’t enough. Our soil is so depleted of vital nutrients we cannot be guaranteed that the fruit and veg we eat actually contain all the nutrients we require, and so much attention is given to vitamins, but little to the minerals. That is until we become deficient and develop a variety of ailments. Often there is sub-clinical disease present within the body, that takes years to manifest into something we actually see, and then take notice of. Prevention is always better than cure.

Personally I am finding these superb plant derived minerals very effective in helping with joint pain caused by the menopause, and the bonus is, my nails are stronger too! Some clients are noticing an improvement in energy levels after only a few days, but be aware that to see a real difference in your general health, it is advisable to take them for at least THREE months. Many years of poor diet and gradual decline in the quality of our food takes more than a few days to repair. 

Simply Naturals are easy to use ‘wafers’ or discs in a ‘fizzy’ form, with different natural flavours. Just pop in a glass with at least 500ml of water. Some people prefer to split the dose up during the day. Personally for the first week I recommend clients take half a tablet a day, then increase the dose. Drink slowly and savour it. You may like to pop in a bottle of water and drink throughout the day. 

The molecular size of plant derived minerals is 700 times smaller than chelated metallic ones, allowing them to be absorbed straight in to cell wall. This is often why people feel a difference in only a few weeks.

These fizzy minerals can be purchased by clicking ‘Order Today‘. Please do use this link rather than just googling the company direct. This will ensure that when you purchase, Wayside House will be notified and can then answer any questions you may have in the future. 

It is advisable to purchase a continual supply so you can really see the difference in your overall health. This way you don’t have to remember to re-order. To do this we suggest that you click the ‘Auto Ship’ Option as this works out £5.00 cheaper. You can however cancel your deliveries at any time, although we feel you won’t want to! If you prefer a non-fizzing type, you can order capsules or powder that can be added to a smoothie. Again, these work out cheaper if purchased on a  continual ‘auto-ship’.

Please remember that every ‘body’ is different. Not everyone will have a story to tell, but many will understand the need to replace the minerals we are so lacking in our diets these days.

Much more detailed information can be found here.  – This health video will give you an in depth view of the whole concept and access to more amazing testimonials.


These minerals are amazing and I would thoroughly recommend them to anyone.
“I’m a nurse and had to give up my job as a result of severe back pain and fibromyalgia. I was unable to concentrate and suffered with “fibro-fog”. Since taking the Sizzling Minerals, I have felt a lot better. My fog is virtually lifted, my pain is reduced, I rebound from crisis so much quicker than before. It used to take 2-3 weeks to improve and now it’s a couple of days. On top of this, my skin seems to be really clear and bright. These minerals are amazing and I would thoroughly recommend them to anyone. In fact, I’m sending some to my brother who has ME as I’m certain these little magical fizzers will help.”
Helen Blew – Somerset

I couldn’t believe just one tablet a day could have this effect…
I am a female who has always tried to exercise and keep healthy. However, over the past 2 years my joints have ached and caused me a great deal of pain and discomfort. I was recommended the sizzling minerals, and within 6 weeks of using them I noticed less pain and was able to excerise without suffering joint ache afterwards. I couldn’t believe just one tablet a day could have this effect, so I tried stopping taking them and the pain and discomfort returned.

I am now taking one tablet a day and feel great. I wholeheartedly recommend them, they are just brilliant.

Gill Settle – Somerset

I didn’t see any dramatic life changing moments but that said I wouldn’t now be without them……..
I can understand the necessity of the body needing these minerals. I have to say though the comments on my hair, skin and nails cannot be ignored. Seriously even if you doubt, what do you have to lose?

Val Cooper – Lancashire

IBS has improved dramatically…… and many months of interrupted sleep are a thing of the past. I take my minerals first thing in the morning, and have noticed a difference in general health in only a couple of months.
Tony Drew – Taunton

I was sceptical

I was very sceptical about these minerals to start but am very pleasantly surprised at how effective they are. Within 4 weeks, my energy levels were up, I had less ‘fibro-fog’… even my mood has improved.  I would highly recommend them – especially for fibromyalgia.
Lorrie Kelly – Somerset

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