Nicki is an Intuitive Abstract Artist …..

Working with the subtle energies around her and around the clients she paints for.

Having spent thirty years of her life as a Holistic Therapist, she was drawn towards a journey with abstract art soon after reaching 50. A powerful time of transformation and change. While still working with clients in her therapy rooms on the Somerset Levels, Nicki has taken this sideways step, having felt drawn to express energies through Reiki on to paper. Her garden and love of flowers comes through in the art, with explosions of colour and vibrancy.

All art is energy. All art is subjective.
Abstract art encourages mindfulness, allowing the viewer to become lost in their own interpretation of the work.


“I wasn’t encouraged to take art at school as I couldn’t really draw ‘correctly’. I wasn’t one of the chosen ones, and in those days, there were no abstract interpretations.

My grandfather was a good artist working in oils, and my grandmother had that great skill of being able to sketch faces and dresses as she was a great dressmaker. It must be in my blood somewhere, but it took many years to find my way!

I took a course in drawing and painting for beginners in my early 20s as a holiday. I then dipped in to hand painting on silk as I loved the illustrative way of working, rather than pure water colour which was very unforgiving!”

My therapy work took over my time, and by 2006 I had two large high street salons. Time for hobbies and painting just disappeared, and the paints went into the loft. Nearly twenty years later, I have exploded into the world of abstract art.”


“I was encouraged by many clients to channel my energies into art. I spend my days working with chakras and auric fields around clients, and I was getting the urge to do more than just treat people. It was meant to be just a hobby, but swiftly turned in to something much more.

I love to work on paper. Beautifully textured, handmade cotton and flax paper, from Two Rivers Mill on Exmoor. 

When I paint, I surround my working space with elements from the four directions:

  • Earth
  • Air
  • Fire
  • Water

I choose crystals, light a candle, and always use energised filtered water when I am working. Sometimes I like to use specific sounds, especially while focusing on a Chakra or vibration, and I work with an amethyst palm stone in my left hand, and a large quartz point near my water and paint pallet.

Some pieces can be purchased from a body of framed work, displayed on the gallery wall here at Wayside House.

Commissioned work very much evolves as I paint, so although a client may suggest the size of painting they require, the finished result is an intuitive creation, filled with energy, love and empowering vibrations. 

For specific commissions where I work directly with your energies and requirements, prices start at £200.00 – Please contact me to discuss this further."