I wanted to thank you for yet again an amazing treatment…

I wanted to thank you for yet again an amazing treatment. My very first taste of ‘Crystal light Massage Therapy’… and wow what an experience! I’m always a little wary of allowing myself to be open to new treatments when there is no guarantee what and where your emotional state will take you!

This treatment was unbelievable, whilst holding crystals in relaxed state, I felt huge surges of energy in my hands and my feet, well can’t explain, as if any pressure/stress literally left my being leaving my lower body in the most relaxed state ever! Energy shifting in abdomen area too, and particularly strong energy felt through 3rd eye. I left Nicki utterly relaxed, spirits lifted and what’s more I feel even better the day after, so rejuvenated! I urge anyone to try this new treatment, with Nickis healing ability alongside the crystals this is clearly a winning combination.

Rachel, South Somerset
Wayside House Health & Beauty Centre, Curry Rivel