Body Care

Focusing on the holistic approach means treating the whole of the person and not just the symptoms. Using a variety of massage techniques and body care products from Repechage – Beauty From The Sea, this enables you, as a client to find a place of stillness and tranquility, in turn releasing tension and helping the body promote self-healing, restoring inner harmony and calm.

Body care is part of self care. Look after yourself. You only have one body. Don’t wait until it is distressed or sick. Prevention is far better than cure.



The ancient art of Usui Reiki is a form of healing which allows you to draw the energy you need at that moment in time, to rebalance and calm the body mind and spirit.

A Reiki treatment is received fully clothed. The Universal Energy that is Reiki is channeled through the hands of the practitioner while they move around your body. It can help transmute aches, pains and illnesses while encouraging deep relaxation.

Reiki is a deeply relaxing treatment promoting healing on all levels. It can also be received with massage, facials, aromatherapy and LaStone.

  • 30 Minutes £38.00
  • 55 Minutes £55.00


The feeling of lying on your back on warm water filled pillows, totally supported and totally relaxed, is unlike any other. The water eases the muscles while your body is massaged as a whole. With your own body weight providing the pressure you can be totally relaxed without having to turn over. No need for a face hole, no need to be disturbed, and perfect during pregnancy!

  • 60 Minutes £85.00


Using specifically blended essential oils specifically chosen for the individual, this is a deeply relaxing massage, including work on pressure points. The accent is on rebalancing and regenerating the mind and body, to ensure a beautiful de-stressing experience. Allow 90 minutes – To include consultation and plenty of time to relax afterwards.

  • 60 Minutes £79.50


Using the finest blends of sea salts, pumice and essential oils from Repêchage, the body is exfoliated and re-energised to give a smooth, revitalised tone to the skin. After a refreshing shower, deep relaxation is inevitable with a full body massage using ‘Sea Spa Body Oil’ – Please note – do not wax or shave within 24 hours of this treatment.

  • 90 Minutes £95.00


This is the very latest move forward in the field of healing treatments enabling you to recreate your reality and choose the world you live in. By changing the beliefs which are no longer serving you and which have been programmed into our DNA, we are able to “re-write” our genetic coding with amazing results. We are then able to live the life we deserve with abundance of good health, love, peace, joy and prosperity.

  • 60-90 Minutes £75.00


Using pure organic oils for total relaxation. All massage therapies include the scalp, and Reiki can be given if needed. Extra time is allowed either side of the treatment for consultation and relaxation.

  • 30 Minutes (ideal for a ‘back, neck and shoulder’ massage)       £42.00
  • 45 Minutes  £55.00
  • 60 Minutes  £75.00



The original hot stone treatment from Arizona uses the balance of deeply penetrating hot basalt stones, combined with the cool contrast of chilled marble and jade to deliver warmth and energy.

Experience deep massage using different shaped and warmed stones, which effectively ease muscle tension, while expertly placed cool marble helps to remove toxins from the body and improve the circulation.

One stroke with a warm stone is the equivalent in depth of ten traditional massage strokes, so after a LaStone treatment you will emerge energised and uplifted. This amazing treatment can help with many ailments and, combined with Native American Indian energy techniques, it can take you to a different level within the massage that you will remember forever!

  • 90 Minutes £95.00


Full dry body brushing is given to stimulate the lymphatic system, followed by the application of warmed pure Seaweed that has been Cryo crushed to retain all the nutrients. While resting in a warm cocoon, enjoy 15 mins of Reiki healing and scalp massage. A warm shower follows and then a massage using the new Vita Cura Nutri Oil and body contour cream, to help areas of cellulite. A hand and foot massage with the new Nutri Cream is given at the end of this superb detoxing therapy.

Both relaxing and detoxifying, superb before a holiday, post-illness or just because you need a treat. A real top to toe.

90 minutes

  • £120.00