Kangen Water

The Key to Hydration

Everyone knows that without water we would die. Everyone knows that hydration is so important, but do we all really hydrate enough each day? Are we drinking water that actually nourishes us or are we buying bottled water that is really a waste of money?

Two litres a day is the average we need, and this can be in the form of teas and juices, but if you divide two litres into glasses, you’re probably looking at 8 glasses a day. Spread that out and it’s not as hard to drink pure water as you think.

  • Sip your water.
  • Don’t drink major amounts with a meal.
  • Try to drink a glass on waking.
  • Look at the quality of the water you are drinking.

We are lucky in this country to be have clean water literally ‘on tap’. This water is clean with a pH of 7. For it to be safe, chemicals have been added. Something to think about.

What if you could have a water that was really good for you and packed with antioxidants? What if there was a machine that ionised your water so it was packed with molecular hydrogen? More antioxidants than you could eat in one glass. What if, you had a machine, that actually made a cleaning water (pH 11.5) as well, so you never have to buy detergents for the home ever again? Just think about it. Your health, and the health of your family can be improved by Kangen Water.

It’s been used in Japanese hospitals for over 40 years, and classed as medical grade equipment. Designed and used by a colon specialist, it has been a welcome addition to the salon.

When you next visit, bring an empty water bottle, and I will fill it for you, so you can continue the hydration for a few hours after your treatment.

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