Why should you try 'LaStone'?

This is not ‘L.A’ Stones as I find it often referred. People assume it has something to do with Hollywood, but it’s actually due to as a ‘translation error’. The founder of this amazing system of thermotherapy massage and healing, Mary Nelson, is dyslexic and wrote ‘La Stone’ when she was designing it, instead of THE Stone. It stuck. LaStone it is!

I have been offering this incredible treatment for 18 years and it just gets better and better. It's not just a massage, it's a real experience. Many people think it's just hot stones being placed on the body, but it's so much more than that.

On a physical level this treatment helps as a superb ‘detox’ as well as releasing deep muscle tensions. One stroke with a hot stone is 10 times deeper than manual massage. I use hand picked, hot smooth volcanic basalt stones combined with cool marble, jade and sardonyx to physically re-energise the body, and balance the mind.

The principles of thermo-dynamics enables the hot and cool stones to push and pull the blood and toxins through the body. Stones are used to massage, then are placed where extra work is needed, while I move on to other areas.

LaStone is different to others, because of the cool contrast! On an emotional and spiritual level, using Shamanic Healing techniques, it can take you on a journey of relaxation and healing unlike any other. No two treatments are the same, and the stones hold so much energy of their own that they almost ‘know’ how to re-balance the subtle energy flows within the body and auric field. This combined with the ancient process of smudging, sound, and the connection with grounding energies, all helps provide an amazing treatment.

If you can’t get to me for a treatment, be aware that there are many ‘hot stone’ treatments on the spa circuit. All are valid in their own way. This, however is very, very different. Look for the original!

Experiencing is truly believing.

An incredible journey ~ 75 minutes ~ £92.00