Reiki Attunements

Reiki – pronounced Ray-Key, is one of the most gentle and accessible ways of healing yourself and others, and is available to all. Translated form Japanese as ‘universal energy’ this beautiful form of healing can be learnt from a Reiki Master. Some people wish to take what are known as Reiki attunements purely to help with self-healing or the healing of family and friends. Others wish to use it to enhance other treatments they are qualified to practice, while some begin to embark on a career as Reiki practitioners. My students come to Reiki when the time is right for them.

‘When the student is ready, the Master appears’

I teach the traditional Usui System of Reiki, which is progressive over four workshops, should you wish to reach Master level yourself. Reiki is one of the most gentle and accessible ways of healing yourself and others and is available to all.

I prefer to teach very small groups, to ensure students receive the best possible attention and have chance to use the new energies through the day. Reiki One is very much a healing for the individual as well.

The workshops should ideally be spaced apart to allow yourself time to adjust to the new vibration level within your body and the cleansing process that may occur. With all workshops, you receive a detailed manual and certificate. Lunch is provided as well as refreshments throughout the day.

Any guidance required after the training, to help you along your Reiki pathway, will be provided. This is my commitment to you as a Reiki Master.

“If you are thinking of learning more about Reiki, I can thoroughly recommend Nicki. I have taken my Reiki Levels 1 and 2 with her and both days were amazing. Nicki teaches in such a clear and friendly way, that you are immediately at ease and relaxed.

The environment is very special too…..a calming, spiritual space where you can receive your attunements outside listening to trickling water and birdsong, surrounded by the most beautiful trees and plants. There are many people out there offering Reiki teaching, but I doubt that you would find anywhere offering what Nicki delivers in such a healing, energetic space…..and she provides a wonderful lunch too!”

Helen Rooks


You will receive four attunements, which will connect you with the healing energy of reiki. Learn the history and application of Reiki and self-healing. There is chance in the afternoon for practical work which will enable you to treat friends and family. Full manual for refernce is provided

One Day  £195.00


Second level attunements are given together with three of the sacred Reiki symbols, how to use them in your life and in a treatment. Detailed information on chakra balancing and healing with animals is included together with practical work during the afternoon. Full manual is included.

One Day  £275.00


After receiving one more symbol and a third level attunement, you will learn new healing tools such as the crystal healing grid and pendulums. We work with in-depth meditation techniques and traditional Reiki practices.

Two Days  POA


The Master Teacher attunement is given together with two Tibetan symbols to enable you to pass attunements to others. You will also learn how to give your own workshops and pass on what you have learned. An in-depth manual will be provided.

Two Days  POA



If you are prone to experiencing stress or anxiety, or just feel that life gets too much at times, this is just for you.

A relaxing workshop, limited to eight places that teaches skills to help you cope with the stresses and strains of modern life. Friendly and informative days are regularly held at the beautiful Langford Hotel at Fivehead, in Somerset.

These days include:

How to master body scanning to enable you to notice where tension lies within your body. Combined with breath work, time outside in the stunning grounds, and an insight into mindful eating, you will have some tools to help you manage stress more easily. This is not an incense burning, chanting or yoga based day. It is a ‘way in’ for those who now realise they need a better work-life balance.

Your day begins with coffee and croissants, and an informal discussion about the contents of the day. After a morning session of practical work a delicious two course lunch is served. The afternoon session includes mindful walking in the stunning grounds enabling you to and understand the power of just ‘Be-ing’.

Your day ends with tea and cake, and a full manual to help you on your way.

These workshops are run on selected Sundays throughout the year, although weekdays can be arranged for smaller groups of 2-4 people if required. Just contact me for any specific requests for dates.

Words from guests:

‘The day was a day away from my normal life, a day off, spent with like minded people sharing energies, thoughts and experiences. The beautiful Langford House and its setting was conducive to the aims of the day and was peaceful, relaxing and restorative. There were moments of awareness, peace and tranquility, giving me the practises to draw upon and take forward to enhance and improve my every day life.’

~ Helen – From Crewkerene, Somerset ~

‘Thank you so much for the Mindfulness workshop on Sunday. It was the perfect setting, and perfect group size, for being able to absorb it all. And it has given me plenty to think about since.’

~ Nicki Turner –  Seaton. Devon ~

10:00 – 4:00 



Munay-Ki Rites at Wayside House

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